A Graphic Novel by Rob Olivera - Velvet: The Unusual Superheroine!

Velvet: The Unusual Superheroine! is an online graphic novel depicting a superheroine in the making in a dramatic series! The material can be classified as a strong rated PG, and sometimes rated-R material. It is an ongoing weekly series.

Notice to new visitors: This website is not about superheroines in bondage, superheroines in peril, superheroine domination, or any other sexual fetish implied, or intended. If you came upon this website looking for this kind of material you would do best in trying other websites (click here) that cater to your type of search.

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Last Update: 01/27/2008
Next Update: 02/03/2008

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Website News: Attention please, Velvet's OLD website is being renovated. If you had any previous bookmarks directed towards the old material on this website please be advised that it may be an invalid link until the work in progress is completed.

Please rest assured that the new website 'NEW BEGINNINGS' has not been affected and will continue with it's regularly scheduled updates every Friday.

Velvet's Golden Age Comics (1997 - 2002)

Velvet Vs. The Psycho Pirate. Inspiration story for 'NEW BEGINNINGS' 2007 graphic novel

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